It is Difficult to Find a TMJ specialist in Mumbai ?

So to answer the question  YES! , it is difficult to find a TMJ specialist in Mumbai. However, the times are changing a lot more clinicians and other Dental faculties are taking interest in treating TMJ disorder from different standpoints.

Practically all Dentists are trained to understand a TMJ disorder Case. They are trained to diagnose & treat it to a conservative management level.

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Why does one need a TMJ SPECIALIST?

Well , the need of a specialist arises for two reasons 1) when the problem remains undiagnosed or misdiagnosed 2) when there are some anatomical changes happened in the Joint.

What are these Anatomical changes ?

So talking about anatomical changes first u have to understand that anatomy means the bones and muscles forming the joint along with ligaments that used to make movement.

These bones , Muscles , ligaments along with a Disc (Meniscus) are arranged in a particular relation to each other and work in synchrony. When there are changes in this arrangement of position or Size or Structure thats when your Surgeon would tell you that there are anatomical changes in your Joint.


What is a Disc , I keep hearing this a lot when TMJ is mentioned ?

A disc (Meniscus) is a structure present almost in all Joints. The purpose God put this Disc in place is to facilitate movement , act as a shock absorber for Occlusion loads and in simple language avoid Bone to rub on Bone.

It is assisted with a lubricant called as synovial Fluid to carry seamless movement without any locking or hindrance. When ever this Disc Slips out of Position that is when u start hearing funny noises from your TMJ and also would have Pain of movement, along with changes in Joint.

I have Pain in the whole of my head because of TMJ?

Yes ! TMJ disorders normally refer the Pain a Neurogical Kind of Pain all over the Face and head Region. The Pain inititally is felt inside the Ear and hence most patients land up in the ENT clinic for pain relief.

I am told about TMJ Arthroscopy, Is it safe ?

TMJ Arthroscopy is a pretty safe and minimally invasive procedure when it comes to manage TMJ Disc Displacement Issues. It is a one-day procedure and does not leave any visible scars behind. In this procedure the Surgeon would put a camera inside your Joint from one end and an instrument through another port from the other end, this would give him access to all the parts of your Joint along with the Disc for necessary treatment. It also flushes the joint ( lavage ) and increases the lubrication of the Joint.


What is the Cost of TMJ Treatment in India?

The cost of TMJ Treatment in India depends on the location and the Hospital you choose , it would range from 50,000rs to 3 lakh INR ( 700$ – 4000$ ) roughly. However insurance companies cover the above mentioned treatment for cashless as well as reimbursement.

Dr Tofiq Bohra has commited his years in understanding TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain Concept. He is amongst the very Few TMJ Doctor in Mumbai trained from University of Maryland, USA  for TMJ Arthroscopy & Total Joint Replacement.

Dr Tofiq Bohra has also taken training in Pain Management & Interventional Pain Medicine, affiliated to British Pain Society & Royal College of Anesthesiologist , UK. This makes him amongst the Best TMJ specialist in India and Mumbai when it comes to managing a complicated Patient that is no more suffering only from TMJ issues but has now become an Orofacial Pain patient.


  • Dr. Tofiq Bohra
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Fellow – Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery, CCI, ( Zurich)
  • Specialist – TMJ Arthroscopy & Total Joint Replacement, (USA)

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A TMJ specialist in Mumbai is commonly referred to as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or an otolaryngologist. These specialists are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions related to the head, neck, mouth, jaw, and face, including TMJ disorders. Dr. Tofiq Bohra is one of the best TMJ specialists in Mumbai, specializing in TMJ disorders at Maxillofacial Surgery India.

If you are experiencing TMJ pain, the best type of doctor to see is a dentist, specifically a TMJ Specialist in Mumbai. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is trained in the anatomy of the jaw and has the expertise to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders. In Mumbai, Dr. Tofiq Bohra at Maxillofacial Surgery India is considered to be one of the best TMJ specialists.

The success rate of TMJ surgery varies, but according to evidence from case series, arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, discoplasty, and discectomy have all reported successful outcomes of 80-90%. For the best possible outcome, it is recommended to seek the expertise of a TMJ specialist in Mumbai, such as Dr. Tofiq Bohra who is the best oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai at Maxillofacial Surgery India and is a specialist in TMJ disorder.

Yes, over time, TMJ disorder can alter the shape of your face. This can happen because of changes in facial symmetry, changes in the way your teeth meet together, and over-activity in the masseter muscle, which can cause the jaw to appear swollen and square. If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder, it is important to seek the help of a specialist such as Dr. Tofiq Bohra, who is considered to be the best TMJ specialist in Mumbai. He is highly experienced in treating TMJ disorder at Maxillofacial Surgery India.

The recovery time for TMJ varies and can range from a few weeks to several months or even years, depending on the underlying condition causing it. On average, most TMJ symptoms will resolve within three weeks. However, in severe cases, such as those caused by arthritis or bruxism, it may take longer to fully heal. To receive the best treatment for TMJ, it is recommended to seek the help of a TMJ specialist, like Dr. Tofiq Bohra in Mumbai, who is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a specialist in TMJ disorders.

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