Dr.Tofiq Bohra

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Mumbai

I have done my Post graduation in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery from M.A Rangoonwala Dental College and Research Centre in Pune. After passing my post-graduation I worked for 6 months in Grant Ruby Hall Hospital in the department of Head & Neck Oncology & Reconstruction, Pune.

I was then accepted as a student in Nanavati hospital Head & Neck Oncology Department, Mumbai and I worked there for almost a year, these were the two initial hospitals where I had the most basic and ground level surgical exposure.


In the coming year after my Residency at Nanavati Hospital I was Accepted as a Fellow in the Department of Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery at BSES Hospital Andheri west, where I worked at the post of a fellow for 2 years and operated various Cleft lip, Cleft Palate, Jaw Correction Surgeries.

During my fellowship we came across a lot TMJ Ankylosis Patients and we operated them using Open Joint Surgeries, it was during my fellowship I realized the need and importance to have minimally invasive techniques to manage TMJ Disorders as they were quite prevalent in India but the population in India absolutely did not know which speciality to approach for such TMJ Disorders.


Above all half the patients were never diagnosed with TMJ Disorders due to lack of awareness among doctors and clinicians themselves.It was and still to an extent is a very ambiguous field with different school of thoughts. I started pursuing my interest and started my training in the field of TMJ Disorders and its Surgical Management from the best TMJ Surgeons all over Globe, I got a position in TMJ Mini Residency programme, University of Maryland, USA.

I dedicated myself in developing a team for comprehensive TMJ Care in India including cutting edge conservative treatment options to cutting edge Minimally invasive surgery techniques in India.

In the current period I dedicate myself to treat patients having Complex TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain using Conservative Techniques, Arthroscopy, Open Joint procedures & Total Joint Replacement.


Dr.Tofiq Hakimuddin Bohra

Dr.Tofiq Bohra is a practicing Maxillofacial Surgeon in Mumbai since 11 years. Dr Tofiq after his post graduation in Maxillofacial Surgery has worked for 1 year in Head & Neck Oncology with Reconstruction in Nanavati Hospital, after which he has worked in the field of Cleft & Craniofacial Plastic Surgery in BSES Hospital for 2 years and was conferred a Fellowship for the same from CCI , Zurich ,Switzerland.

Dr.Tofiq Bohra had huge experience in Orthognathic Surgery and Other Jaw Related Surgeries to Cleft & Facial Cosmetics. He then developed a keen interest in the field of TMJ Minimally Invasive Surgery( Keyhole surgery ), Open & Total TM joint Replacement Surgery, for which he has done the Fellowship from University of Maryland , USA a very prestigious fellowship in the realm of TMJ Surgery. 

Dr.Tofiq Bohra for treating and understanding Complex Orofacial Pain Disorders then pursued his Fellowship in Pain Medicine & Interventional Pain Management affiliated to British Pain Society & Royal College of Anesthesiologist ,UK. He has also done many other courses in Dental Implantology to Rehabilitate his patients well.

Dr.Tofiq Bohra has dedicated his working years in Mastering the TMJ Surgeries and Orofacial Pain Management protocols. Dr Tofiq Bohra is attached to various prestigious Hospital all over & in different parts of Mumbai for Patient comfort and swift consultation.

Dr.Tofiq Hakimuddin Bohra Oral & Maxillofacial Cleft Surgeon.

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