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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery India

Maxillofacial surgery India (MSI) is a specialized Multidisciplinary centre majoring in all surgeries related to the head and neck region. It is a group of Doctors which includes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, ENT, Neurologists,Plastic Surgeons,Pain Specialist,  Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, Physician ,Dentist etc to treat and rehabilitate all problems related of the Face, Mouth, Jaws, TMJ.

We know that head and neck illnesses and Maxillofacial surgery can be debilitating in nature and can affect the standard of life of a patient significantly. Our top priority is helping you achieve the highest quality of life and optimum health.


MSI is made with a vision to provide efficient treatment for a problem without the patient having to worry about the exact speciality needed to solve the problem, the patient is screened by the doctors and is referred to doctors under MSI banner in a seamless manner without waiting for appointments. Our team of leading experts in the field will provide you the best possible treatment options & Outcomes.

MSI has Doctors who are nationally as well as Internationally trained & recognized as leaders in their fields, with specialized expertise in a wide range of surgical procedures. Our Goal at MSI is to deliver treatment to patients in most Personalized & compassionate manner.MSI has helped patients across the globe with diagnosis and Treatment planning online through the google portal and Medical Tourism. MSI has helped these patients receive Surgery in India in the most convenient manner as it would be in their country with end to end bookings and travel & Visa support.

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MSI as a Group is attached to various Leading Hospital and Associations in Mumbai and Performs Major Surgeries in these state of the art hospital set ups.

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At MSI u not only get surgery and treatment for the existing diagnosis but we also address the problems that can be solved with other multiple faculties on board that would improve your standard of life “YOUR CARE IS NOT LIMITED TO ONE FACILITY “. When it comes to any form of Maxillofacial or Head & Neck Surgery, experience in the Operating Theatre matters the most. Our specialist under MSI have performed more than 1000 surgeries in their specific speciality with working hours of more than 3000hrs.

Firstly the patient has to fill a Google Form about their existing problem. The patient will be then contacted by the team and will set up an appointment with the respected Doctor.

When you seek Surgery at MSI, you get a team that works across clinics and departments, meeting weekly to share their expertise and personalize records of your treatment. This method allows the doctors to consider more than one surgical option and the best approach when it comes to treating the patient holistically.

We understand that along with accurate diagnosis and treatment it is important to consider convienience of travel. Hence MSI has Opd Arrangements all across Mumbai.

Insurance claim is settled between the patient and the Hospital where the surgery would be performed. All major Insurance & Mediclaims are accepted.